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Javier is a bespoke fine interior furnishing manufacturer founded in 2006. Producing a wide range of interior products & style with a bespoke design, material and craftsmanship.

We always passionately innovate our techniques & materials.

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We truly produces something that you may never seen before.

The company's mission and vision are to develop artistic masterpieces of extraordinary creation that were not present before and also to meet and exceed the same quality as that of imported products.

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As a furnishing specialist, Javier is well known of its technique of combining the handcrafting & robotic technology. Javier beauty hand-craftmanship has all been done only by artisans making it very exclusive and truly artistic. Our artisans including wood carver, inlayer, marquetry artist, embroiderer, painter, etc


Our Factory

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Javier technology involving state of the art, latest 3D robotic CNC which can perform the human hands skill-like with a very high precision, a sophisticated pressurized filter spray booth and dry oven for high quality finishes

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